Subway rider robbed and thrown onto tracks in Manhattan

June 2, 2013 8:16:57 PM PDT
David Narson is fine, but he is angry that his attacker could have cost him his life.

On Saturday night, Narson was rushed to the hospital after a fight that started on the E train, and ended up spilling out onto the platform when the train pulled into the station at 53rd and Lexington.

"He pushed me on the tracks, I pulled myself off - I feel lucky," says Narson.

There have been several outbreaks of iPhone robberies in the past few years. So much so, being careful using them in public has become a common precaution for many people.

"You've got to be aware of where you are," says Marc Locandro.

Narson fought off the robber, but he managed to get away with his iPhone and his wallet.