The global gallery for artists

August 12, 2013 3:11:51 PM PDT
Buildings are often the focus of Alexandra Henry's photographs. She see's beauty in the underbelly of cities.

"I love the layering effect in New York, funky compositions with all the heights of buildings," Alexandra Henry said. "I'm usually looking for the anti-postcard shot."

Apparently people like her style because she's one of the top sellers at a virtual gallery called U Gallery. The site launched in 2006 and now represents 500 artists from around the world with about 6,000 pieces for sale.

Prints start at 65 dollars and original art goes up to as much as 15-thousand dollars.

"We're kind of like the minor leagues for the really high end galleries," Stephen Tennenbaum said.

Tennenbaum is one of the sites founders. They only exhibit about 10 percent Of the artists who apply to be on the site. The site makes a commission from sales, but because this isn't a brick and mortar gallery the buyers are from all over, which is great for emerging artists.

"We're really able to expand their customer base and allow them to do what they really love doing the most which is being a professional artists," Tennenbaum said.

Buyers can shop for their art in a variety of ways. There's even a registry section, giving folks another reason to buy.

"Anyone can go into a museum for free and galleries, but to be able to look at a painting and know you can bring that home with you is a great feeling and that's what we're bringing to everybody," he said.

And for young and even mid-career artists, making art accessible means they'll be able to make more of it.

"I've gained a huge wider audience that I'd never thought possible. It's given me the confidence to keep developing," Henry said.

Learn more about U Gallery by clicking here.