Up Close: Casino Gambling

October 27, 2013 8:38:06 AM PDT
Gambling has long been outlawed in New York State, with the exception of 5 Indian-run casinos upstate and 9 race track-based "Racinos".

On next month's ballot, voters will be asked to decide whether the state constitution should allow full casino gambling just like the ones they have in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The Cuomo Administration believes it will lead to the construction of four new casinos, a $1 billion investment that will create 6,700 construction jobs and 2,900 permanent jobs.

Opponents say it will attract corruption and hurt those most vulnerable, like retirees and the poor.

Joining us this week to debate the issue are Les Bernal, with the group Stop Predatory Gambling, and Republican State Sen. John Bonacic, chairman of the Standing Committee on Racing, Gambling and Wagering. Bonacic represents Sullivan County and parts of Delaware, Orange and Ulster Counties, areas where these casinos may go up.

Also this week, a closer look at another proposal on the ballot in New York this November.

Question number 6 asks whether we should raise the retirement age for judges.

The proposal would allow judges of the state's Supreme Court to serve up to five two-year terms after the present retirement age of 70.

It also asks whether justices of the Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, should be allowed to serve until they are 80 or finish out their 14-year term, whichever comes first.

With us to talk about it is Justice Jonathan Lippman, chief judge of New York's Court of Appeals, who is voting 'yes' to Proposition 6.

Also, after bringing back the lever machines for the primary in New York City, the optical scanners will be used for the general election. Executive Director of New York City's Board of Elections Michael Ryan will explain what we can expect at the polls.

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