Brooklyn gym turns exercise into energy

Kemberly Richardson has more on this green gym.
November 13, 2013 3:12:07 PM PST
A gym in Brooklyn is harnessing the energy generated by exercise equipment to produce electricity. It's taking the wattage produced by spin bikes and feeding it back into its energygrid.

The owner of the Fitness Guru in the heart of Dumbo believes this approach is a win, win situation.

The more energy you create for the planet, the better you look in those jeans. The technology utilized in these bikes is still pretty elementary but the overall concept is a huge step in the right direction.

The cycles at the fitness guru are unique. If you take a close look at the 40 pound flywheel in front, you find a generator that captures all of the friction you're creating and funnels it here into another piece, which converts the energy into electricity.

Each bike has a mini computer on it and shows how many watts you're feeding into the grid.

Monitors show the cumulative amount of power being generated and how hard everyone's working at a given moment.

Students are even rewarded for their hard work with membership discounts and deals at shops in the neighborhood.

It works too. We watched the level jump from 17 watts at the beginning of class to more than 400, 45 minutes later.

For more information about the gym, please visit the Fitness Guru website.