Winds fueling fires across Tri-State area

Lucy Yang has the latest from Elizabeth.
November 24, 2013 3:52:18 PM PST
Fierce winds can be the enemy, as firefighters have seen all day in New Jersey and throughout the Tri-State area. In Elizabeth, there still is an active fire scene, as a 4-alarm blaze spread to a second home.

The fire broke out Sunday afternoon in a residential building on Jefferson Ave. and jumped to 4 alarms. Intense flames and fierce winds were not a good combination.

In Old Bridge, a brush fire ran wild Sunday and was stroked by the unrelenting winds. Rescue crews did all they could to keep nearby homes from getting swept up.

In the city there was another fire on 138th Street in Hamilton Heights. What began on the third floor quickly took over a residential building as winds pushed the blaze up to a third alarm.

In Brooklyn the cold blast went after things bolted down, trying to rip down the "BAM" sign on the Brooklyn Academy of Music. In Bed-Stuy, a sign fell on 2 pedestrians sending both to Kings County Hospital.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported from the various fires. Of course, it's a bitter night to left homeless. Firefighters at the Old Bridge scene are ttrying to keep nearby homes from becoming engulfed.