Wintry mix causes slick roads, massive pileup in Yonkers

Kemberly Richardson reports from Yonkers
December 9, 2013 2:43:22 PM PST
Drivers were faced with treacherous conditions for their Monday commute, after a mix of snow, rain and ice caused slippery roads throughout the area.

The snow gave way to rain overnight that froze on many roadways and caused treacherous driving conditions.

There were numerous accidents, including a massive pileup involving 24 cars late Sunday night on the Bronx River Parkway in Yonkers. At least 35 people were hurt and taken to three area hospitals, but none of the injuries were life-threatening. The parkway was closed southbound for several hours, but reopened at 5:30 a.m.

"There was a lot of black ice, so if you're going down the street and you squeeze on the brakes, and another person squeezes their brakes, they're going to hit one another. It's like a hockey rink right now," said Philip Seacord of the Yonkers Department of Public Works.

"Never want anyone to experience anything like this, I saw my life flashing before my eyes," said Veronica Maldonado, a driver.

That's because Maldonado lost control of her car on The Bronx River parkway Sunday night.

They had all unknowingly hit a patch of black ice, brakes were not an option.

"I starting pumping it, nothing happened so once I started pumping it, I slammed on the emergency brake, tried emergency brake, started skidding, did 360," Maldonado said.

Her friend even reached over and tried forcing the car into park, it ended up slamming into close to 30 cars.

Some of the cars are at A.P.O.W. towing, where Maldonado got a close look at hers.

"I left everything inside because there were still oncoming cars coming and still crashing into each other. Everyone was screaming, running across the bridge, it was terrifying," Maldonado said.

And officials warn, could happen to anybody and so crews are closely watching the roads right now.


Crews have been out spreading salt on the roads to help alleviate the icy conditions.

Speed restrictions are in place on some roads. Three lanes are flooded on the Garden State Parkway just south of the Toms River toll plaza.

State police said two people died in a car crash on an icy Interstate 78 in Hunterdon County.

Some schools in Westchester, Putnam and Orange counties reported 2-hour delayed openings due to the wintry weather.

Heavy snow in the Philadelphia area led to a number of accidents, including a fatal crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike that spawned fender-benders involving 50 cars, stranding some motorists for up to seven hours. More than two dozen vehicles were involved in another series of crashes on nearby Interstate 78.

Sunday's storm will be followed by more snowfall Tuesday morning. Accumulations of about three inches are expected, but areas just south of New York City could see up to six inches.

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