Police impersonator scamming elderly on Upper East Side

Tim Fleischer reports from the Upper East Side.
December 12, 2013 3:34:35 PM PST
A smooth con artist has been posing as a cop and has ripped off two dozen elderly women. He's somehow convincing them to give him money, sometimes more than $100,000.

Many of these grand larcenies have happened on the Upper East Side. The suspect has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from 24 elderly victims.

There is just one video of the man police suspect of impersonating a police officer with the evil intent of ripping off elderly victims in a crime wave that spans three years. Each year he has become more brazen and is finding more victims.

People are surprised when they hear the suspect boldly approaches elderly men and women.

Detectives are still trying to figure out how he picks his victims, many of whom have significant money.

He first poses as a police officer investigating bank holdings.

He gains their confidence and then he convinces them to give him money.

Sources say he has bilked nearly $429,000 from 18 victims. The most was $102,000 from a Brooklyn woman in June.

He began his ruthless pattern of grand larceny in June of 2011. He targeted four people in their 80's and 90's in four different months.

In 2012, there were six more elderly victims. He stole from two the same day, June 20th.

This year, he's preyed on 14 victims, two on June 21st. Others occurred several days in a row.

The video, police reveal, captured the suspect after he ripped off a 98-year-old woman, his 23rd victim. He was seen walking along Park Avenue. His latest victim was a 77-year-old woman also on the Upper East Side.

In that area, the 19th precinct, there have been a total of 13 victims in the last three years.