Poll: Chris Christie approval rating not ruined by BridgeGate

Dave Evans reports most New Jerseyans still support the governor.
March 18, 2014 5:58:18 AM PDT
Gov. Chris Christie's approval rating and credibility remain strong among New Jersey voters surveyed in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

The governor's admitted he's upset and angry about the bridge scandal that has taken center stage in the political world. But Christie must be heartened by his latest polling numbers.

Sixty-six percent of the voters who have heard or read something about the George Washington Bridge lane closures say they believe Christie did not personally order the traffic jams. Even 53 percent of Democrats polled say they don't believe Christie was involved.

55 percent approve of the job he's doing, while 38 percent disapprove. That's way down from July when it was 68 to 26. Still, you have to put things in context.

In Hoboken, voters seemed to bear out the numbers.

"I approve of what he's doing," Phyllis Smith said. "I think he's doing a good job."

"I approve I think," Jenny Gerber said.

Another young lady said she thinks Christie isn't telling the truth on not knowing beforehand about the traffic plot on the George Washington Bridge.

"I'm not (a fan). Not really. No, especially what happened with the lane closings," Brittney Davis said.

The poll also asked is Christie more of a leader or a bully. 54 percent say leader, while 40 percent say he's a bully.

Even voters who don't really like Christie thought the bully-leader question was a little unfair.

"That is a loaded question because a good leader should be a little bit of a bully. If necessary you gotta kick butt to be a leader," Ihor Dlaboha said.

The telephone survey was conducted from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13 and has sampling error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points.