Email telling people to go to court, part of scam

Kemberly Richardson has the details.
January 16, 2014 3:37:17 PM PST
A warning about scam that could ruin your computer.

It's an email, very official looking, notifying people to show up for a court hearing and it includes a link to click on. But DON'T click on it. If you do, a virus takes over your computer.

The email clearly says you are required in court on a specific date, if you're a no show, you'll be penalized.

But officials warn, no way, no how should you open it, that this email is a scam.

"The purpose is to get people either interested in what's in the attachment or perhaps frightened," said Ronald Younkins with the Court System.

Hundreds of people in our area, countless others across the country are finding this intimidating email in their in box.

Though the reason you are needed in court varies, the theme is the same.

You can get much more information by opening an attachment.

But Lance Ulanoff of says doing so will set in motion a virus that will steal your passwords and files, tap into your contacts and much much more.

"The last thing they want to be is discovered, it used to be with these viruses there was a lot of hand waving, hey look at me, now there's not, you don't see what's happening," he said.

If you have received an Email like this you should contact officials with the New York State Unified Court System at 1-800-courtny or go to