Snow-covered streets remain after storm in New York City

Rob Nelson has the latest from the Bronx.
January 23, 2014 2:21:28 PM PST
It's now been two days since snow once again blanketed the tri-state, but in parts of New York City on Thursday, evidence of the storm is still fresh with streets just still dangerously covered in snow.

Judging from aerial views from NewsCopter 7, parts of New York City seem frozen time since Tuesday's big storm.

Some residents and businesses are still digging themselves out, and the bitter cold not making the job any easier. Nothing even has a chance of melting, making for a dangerous situation for Elsa Lopez of the Bronx, who says she has a bad leg.

"We need help. Come and plow," she said.

From the Wakefield section of the Bronx to East New York in Brooklyn to the Fort Wadsworth neighborhood of Staten Island, we found nothing but snow-packed pavement. The blacktop is barely peeking out, and some drivers spinning their wheels.

Along narrow North 1st Street in Williambsurg, it was a similar scene, much to the frustration of at least one business owner.

Andrea Brooke just opened her shop 3 months ago, but old man winter has been less than hospitable.

"People don't want to drive down a street that they can see looks dangerous and slippery," she said.

Other business owners on the street, meanwhile, saying they're taking it all in stride.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has largely defended the city's cleanup efforts, saying he will hold all city agencies to a high standard and that no neighborhood was treated differently. But residents in some areas are still waiting for the proof.