EXCLUSIVE: Family of man who died in ER waiting room speaks out


"Deep down inside I knew it was him," said Charles Verrier.

The family says they knew that John Verrier died at St Barnabas Hospital, they had no idea how he died until seeing the story on 7ONLINE.COM

That's when they realized the 30-year-old found dead in the St Barnabas Hospital waiting room 8 hours after seeking help was their brother.

"You're just a number no matter where you go. That's how they treated him like a number," said Charles.

In our exclusive story an ER Worker told Eyewitness News Investigative Reporter Jim Hoffer, "they found this person, slumped over cold blue and stiff..he was dead."

The emergency room worker was on duty at the time. He believes the 30 year-old Verrier may have been dead for several hours before being discovered by a security guard.

"There's no policy in place to check the waiting room to see if people waiting to be seen are still there or still alive," said the ER worker.

John Verrier had struggled with drug addiction and had been to St Barnabas before but his family says he had been clean for months and living at home. He had gone to the ER complaining about a rash, his vitals were checked and he was told to wait until his name was called. It was 10 at night. A security guard found him at 6:40 A-M, dead in a waiting room chair:

"No one should sit in the waiting room that long. I'm sorry, name calling over the loud speaker proves nothing, nothing," said Susan Verrier, the John's mother.

The hospital says they called his name several names over the intercom and checked on him. A spokesman says video surveillance shows he was active and moving three hours before security found him and all hospital guidelines were met. The family says the hospital needs better guidelines:

"I don't know how, I don't know why. I don't want this pushed under the rug as another mistake," adds Chris.

The medical examiner has yet to determine a cause of death. The New York State Department of Health tells Eyewitness that they are now investigating the incident.



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