Levittown man filling in potholes by himself

Dray Clark reports from Levittown.
January 30, 2014 3:21:07 PM PST
Some people call him "The Crown Prince of Potholes."

In Levittown, Bobby Fitzgerald says he's takes matters into his own hands and filling in almost every pothole he finds.

"If I see them, I'll pull over and I'll try to patch up the best way I possibly can," Fitzgerald said.

He takes a shovel to dig up cracked concrete, a bucket of sand to fill in the hole, and a broom to smooth things over.

He showed Eyewitness News example of his handy work on Polaris and Constellation Roads near his home.

Bobby says he started filling in potholes after he damaged one of his cars on a pothole.

"And the claims department for the Town of Hempstead refused to pay for the damage on my vehicle," Fitzgerald said.

Some neighbors say if not for Bobby, more people would have damaged cars and high repair bills.

"I love what he's doing, somebody got to step up," said Rob Fiore, a neighbor said.

But Hempstead Town Officials wish he would fall back and let their crews do the job.

"We think it's dangerous, not effective, and totally unnecessary," said Mike Deery, Town of Hempstead Spokesperson.

Hempstead officials say what he's doing is illegal, but they won't issue him a summons."

Fitzgerald says he has no plans on stopping because crews may be on the job but they're moving too slow and sometimes their work is a little too sloppy.