Woman stiffs cab driver $980 New York City-to-Boston fare

February 7, 2014 8:27:18 AM PST
A Massachusetts woman who took a cab from New York City to her home outside Boston was arrested after she couldn't pay the nearly $1,000 fare.

Denise Rebelato was charged with larceny over $250 on Wednesday after the driver called police.

Authorities say the 31-year-old Rebelato grabbed the cab at JFK International Airport and had it take her to Framingham, about 15 miles west of Boston.

Upon arrival, she went inside to get the $980 fare. She came out 10 minutes later and said she didn't have the money.

The MetroWest Daily News reports that Rebelato agreed to a deal at her arraignment Thursday in which charges will be dropped if she pays the money within 30 days.

The judge wondered why she didn't take a bus.