Valentine's Day: timing of snowstorm could impact deliveries

Lauren Glassberg has the story.
February 12, 2014 3:10:50 PM PST
For florist Karina Parris, the impending storm is a thorn in her side.

"You know the music from the Poltergeist? That's what I start to feel," says Parris.

That is because the memory of Valentine's Day 2007 still haunts her. A Nor'Easter hit, and deliveries had to be recalled and rerouted.

This time around, she is prepared, by stocking up on supplies from vendors and suggesting early deliveries.

And hey, who wouldn't want a week of love? However, for those stuck celebrating on the actual day, let's hope Cupid delivers a dose of patience.

For those who opted to send their flowers before the big day, many florists offered incentives like free delivery. That is something to be said for the savvy-minded sweetheart.