Popular sports complex collapses in Nanuet

Marcus Solis has the story from Nanuet.
February 14, 2014 1:28:48 PM PST
Throughout the day a steam stream of gawkers came to see the destruction - the crumpled ruins of what was part of the West Rock Sports and Entertainment Complex.

A 35-thousand square foot section of roof collapsed, buckling under the weight of the snow. The collapse damaged a gas line, which sparked a small fire. Luckily, the facility was closed because of the weather. Two maintenance workers made it out safely. On a typical night there would have been as many as 60 kids practicing on the indoor turf field.

The collapse wasn't the only one in Rockland County. Early Friday morning the roof of an unoccupied garage in congers came crashing down. Again, no one was hurt.

Experts say there are thousands of buildings in Rockland County alone that are at risk of collapse.

Rockland County's fire coordinator says snow should be removed from buildings with flat roofs or lightweight construction to prevent a disastrous loss of property or a potentially tragic loss of life.