Donnoli combines donuts and cannolis

Kemberly Richardson has more.
February 27, 2014 3:23:55 PM PST
Meet the donut and cannoli combo now on sale in New Jersey, the Donnoli!

The new creation is flying off the shelves.

"I like the whole thing period, the chocolate, the cream, very good, you know I'm going over there and buying some," a customer said.

Let us introduce you to the Donnoli!

"It's" the brainchild of David and Vincent, co-owners of a Shoprite in Nutley and one in Belleville where, whenever, customers hear an overhead announcement for their arrival.

"Located in our bakery department we have a brand new item, a donnoli," the announcement said.

Store manager Tony knows that means it's time to get ready.

Just what is and how does one eat a donnoli?

First Brian, the bakery manager, cleared up the basics.

A Donnoli, by definition, is a donut, filled with a mixture of homemade cannoli cream.

"Impastata, sugar, a little cinnamon, a little vanilla," said Brian Walker, the bakery manager.

And it also includes whipped cream and is topped with rich chocolate.

From start to finish, it takes the team about 2 1/2 hours to make their new signature item. The placement of the fluffy inside, that's key.

"I feel where it's going, so it's filled all the way in, until it's almost ready to crack, so that it's overflowing it, and that is key, overstuff," Walker said.

So yes, it is turning heads.

It's quickly gaining a following.