Ukraine supporters hold protests against Russia

Tim Fleischer reports from the Upper East Side.
March 2, 2014 9:31:48 PM PST
The Ukrainian ambassador went to Brooklyn Sunday to speak publicly about the Russian military's takeover of Crimea.

All as Ukrainian Americans held two separate protests in Manhattan.

Several groups of supporters of Ukraine have joined voices outside the Russian Consulate in New York City to protest Russian hostilities.

The voice of protest decrying Russia's occupation of the autonomous Republic of Crimea, a peninsula of the Ukraine, now fills the streets of New York with several protests.

The latest took place outside the Russian Consulate on the Upper East Side.

Local lawmakers too are strongly objecting to Russian President Vladimir Putin's potentially volatile strategy.

"I say to President Putin, freedom always prevails as it did in the old Soviet Union in which you were brought up," said Senator Charles Schumer, (D) New York.

Senator Charles Schumer believes the U.S. and its allies have a number of counter strategies that can be taken against the Russians.

"They are economic, diplomatic, and geo-political, and we should make sure that Russia knows that we will not hesitate to use them," Senator Schumer said.

Ukraine's Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev, the permanent representative to the United Nations, appeared on Davidzon Radio, the largest Russian language station outside Russia to discuss the crisis in his country.

He believes certain steps need to be taken immediately.

"Russia should withdraw all the troops and put the Black Sea Fleet back to its location. This would be helpful to settle," Sergeyev said.

Earlier Sunday, there was a much larger protest by Ukrainian supporters at Bryant Park.

Their message was that Ukrainians want a free, democratic, and independent country.

"We want to be free! No more Russian, no more Russian politics. Get hands off from us," a speaker at the protest said.