Architectural Digest Home Design Show opens

Lauren Glassberg has the story
May 5, 2014 6:48:03 PM PDT
If you're looking for new ways to decorate or improve your home, you're in luck.

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show is opening, and they have ideas for homes of all types and sizes.

This is four-day event that features 300 brands, from big names to small designers, many based right here in New York.

You'll find kitchen and bath products, flooring, fabric, lighting, outdoor products, and lots and lots of ideas.

"Design has become much more democratic. Good design has become much more democratic and we're constantly promoting that," said Guilio Capua, the publisher of Architectural Digest.

Giulio Capua is the publisher of Architectural Digest and at the magazine's annual design show there is inspiration at every turn and you don't need a designer to guide you through.

"I think you can come here and clearly get inspiration on your own and find products that you can take home and put into your own apartment," Capua said.

And that home doesn't need to be large.

For example, Alex Rosenhaus designs furniture perfect for small spaces.

"With this dimensions 18x18x18, you can put it on the side of a couch or across the room and not be intrusive," Rosenhaus said.

But with sleek angles, they're pieces that deserve your attention.

One piece by Atocha is ideal for the music lover who needs a discreet place for those albums.

"I love being able to flip through my own collection, front to back, and see the album covers instead of just the spine on a bookshelf," said Jennifer Levin, of Atocha Design.

So look for furniture pieces that are sleek and functional, of course scaled down, furniture works for small spaces, like stools and tables.

There's a whole room that would work for a small apartment.

A wall of wallpaper of bold wallpaper can transform a small space.

So can art or accessories with a burst of color and you don't have to spend a lot either.

At this year's show, there are even shops where items start at $15, like place mats and tumblers.

"We've got Pot de Jour, colorful, fun, products for your table, we've got candles from Cire Trudon," said Michael Rabatin, of the Architectural Digest Show.

They sell room fragrances and candles with scents inspired by history.

"And Christopher Propser has created furniture lotions and waxes," Rabatin said.

If you want to go to the first day of the show, which is Thursday it is $95, but tickets for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are just $30.

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