Howard Beach residents being warned of serial burglars

Tim Fleischer with the story from Howard Beach, Queens.
March 28, 2014 3:25:29 PM PDT
NYPD officers are fanning out across Howard Beach to make sure every house gets a crime prevention flyer and an update on five brazen burglaries within a four day period.

"I think it's terrible, everyone is nervous - everyone is scared," says Howard Beach resident Michelle Giamundo, "I keep my alarm on 24 hours."

Since March 22nd, one or more thieves have broken into five homes scattered between 159th Avenue and 163rd Avenue. Most burglaries have occurred in the mid-morning hours, and the thieves have gotten in through side doors and windows. Most of the property that was taken were jewelry, electronics and cash.

"It's very scary, especially in a neighborhood like this - we are very tight knit," says Deanna Deriso.

Deriso had just rushed home after the alarm went off in her house.

"Two undercover cops pull up to my house by a marked car, they came in and checked everything," Deriso said.

Police have stepped up patrols, and have even brought in undercover officers. Residents are asked to be vigilant and to be aware of their surroundings.