Exclusive: Homeowner claims ticket written after sanitation worker kicks trash on property

Investigative reporter Sarah Wallace has the story from Murray Hill
May 13, 2014 8:18:46 PM PDT
A New York City sanitation worker was seen on video clearing a sidewalk of trash onto a homeowners property on the East Side of Manhattan and now there is a controversy over the ticket.

A building owner says a New York City sanitation worker can be seen on surveillance video kicking trash onto a homeowner property on the East Side of Manhattan.

The Sanitation Department says that the Sanitation Supervisor was well within his rights to issue a summons for a box that was blocking a sidewalk, but the homeowner says the garbage was not theirs, and they say they have the video to prove it.

"Right now you're going to see a sanitation employee kicking over our neighbors garbage onto our property," says the owner.

Nathan Yasoboof and his family own a Townhouse in Murray Hill, and fortunately, their surveillance camera was rolling on Monday morning. Tenant Matt McLaughlin had left the townhouse a short time before.

"When I left that morning, there was nothing in front of the entrance. I saw a box spring and mattress on the sidewalk next to us," said McLaughlin.

Yasoboof says in the video you can clearly see the box on their neighbors property. "He came by and gave it a kick?He kicked now that it's on our property because he wants to give us a ticket," he says.

Yasoboof adds that later in the video you can see the worker kick it even further onto the property.

You can then see the sanitation worker stepping over the box and tacking a ticket to the door, the owners were issued a summons for sidewalk obstruction, leaving a box spring, wood and household work on the sidewalk, obstructing the pedestrian pathway.

" This is my neighbor's garbage and he's going to put it on my property. There is no shame," adds Yasoboof.

Yasoboof says they got another ticket a few months ago but didn't have the surveillance video rolling, so they just paid up. He thinks others probably do the same thing.

The Sanitation Department says the owners can present their case at a hearing in May. They face a maximum $300 fine.


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