FedEx worker comes to the rescue of woman in Asbury Park

May 7, 2014 1:19:17 PM PDT
A FedEx worker is being hailed as a hero, for coming to the aid of a woman lying on the ground in the pouring rain in Asbury Park.

"The first thing I thought was 911 and tried to get her help," said the Good Samaritan, Rob Yaroli.

It happened a week ago on a rainy, Wednesday morning. Yaroli was in the middle of making deliveries when he says he saw a woman passed out on the ground, right in front of a school. She was turning purple, and she wasn't moving. He says he needed to do something.

"She was right here, and I was trying to go like this to the people inside, but they couldn't see me," said Yaroli.

He ran into the Hope Academy Charter school and asked the woman at the front desk, who happened to be the school nurse, to call 911.

Together they waited for the ambulance to take the woman on the street to the hospital. At one point, the school nurse even did chest compressions.

('If you didn't find her, what do you think would have happened to her?,' we asked.)

"I think maybe, I'm not a doctor, but from what I was seeing when I was over her, I think she could have been in a lot more trouble than she was," he said.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Yaroli has been on the job for 18 years. The 45-year old is married and has a 10-year old son.

He says his family inspires him to be a better person and to think of others, especially those in need.

"I'm happy that she's alive, and I hope she does well in the near future," Yaroli said.

He doesn't know the name of the woman he helped, but he'd like to meet her. And maybe one day he'll deliver a package to her door, but he's already given her a gift better than anything she could sign for.