No fire alarm this summer, ospreys decide

Rob Nelson reports from Spring Lake where Ospreys have built their nest atop the town's fire siren. (WABC)
May 7, 2014 2:49:55 PM PDT
Residents of the sleepy, coastal town of Spring Lake will have a little extra peace and quiet this summer.

A pair of ospreys has made a new home on the siren behind one of the town's firehouses. During their breeding season, they are considered a threatened species so fire officials here can't disturb them under state law.

Residents said the ospreys, which resemble bald eagles, built the new digs about a month ago, silencing the siren normally used to alert firefighters of an emergency.

The new perch sits about 100 feet up and officials are worried the osprey -- creatures of habit who migrate during the winter -- could be back next spring.

It's an ideal spot for ospreys which like to be near the ocean since their diet is almost entirely made up of fish.

Some residents said they don't mind the osprey and they are enjoying a break from the siren. Officials can't do a thing about the birds until at least Sept. 1.