Asbestos closes garages in Yonkers apartment complex

YONKERS, Westchester County (WABC) -- Notices from the City of Yonkers Department of Housing and Buildings have shuttered more than 100 garages at the Crestwood Lake Apartment complex in Crestwood until the testing of asbestos can be completed.

Inside Fredie Yagid's 32-foot garage are all his tools and his workshop and he points out you can find the asbestos around several pipes in the ceiling. "I just hope everything will be ok," Fredie said.

Fredie and others found notices on their garage doors from both the City of Yonkers and The Woodner Company, that manages the complex, telling them to remove their cars and do not enter the garages until further notice.

I asked Fredie if he had to clear out all of his tools and equipment from the garage how long would it take and he shrugged his shoulders. Where would he put it? "In storage, another expense," he said.

Yonkers city officials confirm that they have received complaints about asbestos in the garages and they have issued violations.

They are even urging the management company to test other areas people might frequent.

"I haven't heard anything about the apartments," says Mike Annunziato, another tenant. He's not worried right now.

Mike also can't get into his garage for the time being. "They have to either fix the garages or do what they have to do to get this thing done," he added.

As a carpenter, Fredie Yagid knows the very careful way this asbestos might have to be removed. "They generally are wet down. They are wrapped. Taken down carefully. They are double bagged. Sealed and then taken away," he said.

The Woodner Company said in a statement, "Asbestos testing is in process. It is expected that this will take several more weeks to complete and for the results to be received. At that time, appropriate applications will be made with the City of Yonkers for such remediation as is necessary based on these test results."

Fredie Yagid says, "We will see what happens and I hope it's going to be ok."
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