Faulty airbag falls under New Jersey's Lemon Law

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Nina Pineda has 7 On Your Side. (WABC)

You spend a lot of money when you buy a new car and you expect everything to work, including the airbag.

A local father was concerned when the airbag light went on indicating trouble, but getting it fixed, wasn't easy.

It couldn't be fixed and no one would take the brand new car back.

Even after the vehicle was recalled for the same safety problem this family said they were experiencing for the past year, well things changed after 7 On Your Side went out for a test drive.

As children of a police officer, Ashley and Alec Staszak are careful when it comes to the law and their safety.

But for the last year, they feel their lives have been at risk, because of something they can't control.

"The airbag light was on when I'd take my brother to school, the light would be on, and, or a friend would be in the car the light would be on!" Ashley Staszak said.

The family noticed the passenger airbag warning light staying on as soon as they bought the brand new Nissan Sentra in June of last year.

"We'll be driving and my wife will say, 'light's on', we're not sure if that passenger light is operational," said James Staszak, the car's owner.

Jim did some research and learned certain Nissan 2013 models had been recalled for passenger side airbag malfunctions. He brought the car to two separate dealers to examine.

"Two different groups have seen it and haven't come up with a solution or ease our minds," James Staszak said, "It is life and death those are there to stop someone from coming forward."

7 On Your Side wanted to see the problem firsthand, so took a spin in the Sentra. As soon as we got in the light warning the airbag was OFF, came on, the time was 12:18.

"According to the manual this should've turned off within seven seconds," 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda said.

The sensor wasn't sensing someone 6'1" and 125 lbs. was sitting in the seat. It stayed on as we drove around.
until 12:27.

"If we are not monitoring that light, then we are at risk at risk of serious bodily injury or death!" James Staszak said.

So 7 On Your Side asked Nissan to take another look at the Staszak's case, within a week the car manufacturer citing the New Jersey Lemon Law, offered to refund their down payment and all of the last year, 12 months of car payments.

"We were shocked at the amount of money they returned to us and it's all because of 7 On Your Side," James Staszak said.

Nissan said since its primary concern is customer satisfaction they were pleased the situation was resolved in a way that is pleased Mr. Staszak.

Nissan also said it's not aware of any similar issues involving the Sentra; the car maker voluntarily repurchased the car citing the New Jersey Lemon Law.
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