Here are the most popular baby names in New York City

NEW YORK -- Babies in New York City named Olivia and Ethan are not alone. Those two names are taking the top spots for baby names in New York City.

For girls, reigning champ 'Sophia' dropped to number two. 'Emma', 'Mia' and 'Isabella' rounded out the top five.

For boys, 'Ethan' held on to number one for the second year in a row, followed by 'Liam' and 'Noah.' The Health Department's birth certificate records show 773 Ethans were born in 2015. 'Jacob' and 'Jayden' also made the cut.

Most popular baby names in New York City in 2015:

1) Olivia
2) Sophia
3) Emma*
3) Mia*
5) Isabella
6) Leah
7) Emily

8) Ava
9) Chloe
10) Madison

(59,218 girls)
* = Tie

1) Ethan
2) Liam
3) Noah

4) Jacob
5) Jayden
6) Matthew
7) David
8) Daniel*
8) Dylan*
10) Aiden

(62,455 boys)
* = Tie
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