Where 'everybody knows your name' this Thanksgiving

BAY SHORE, Long Island (WABC) -- Call it the Cheers of Bay Shore. And there will be plenty of smiles at the Penny Pub on Main Street, come Thanksgiving, that's for sure.

Bartender Jill Schombs has about 20 to 30 regular customers who are there several days a week, and she realized some had no place to go for a good Thanksgiving dinner. So she volunteered to put together a sort of pot luck and postpone her own appearance at her family dinner, while she cooks the turkey for all her customers.

Now that word has gotten out, Jill says the dinner is growing.

"I've gotten so many responses," she said. "So many people want to drop off trays of food and pies and everything."

One regular in particular plans to help Jill cook two turkeys and five turkey breasts.

That's 71-year-old Frank Lapple, who spent thanksgiving alone last year. He is excited to be with those he knows best this time around.

"This is my family," he said.

Owner Mike McElwee says he just never wanted to ask an employee to work on the holiday. The pub typically opens on Thanksgiving for after dinner drinks at around 8 p.m. This year, it will open by 3 p.m. instead, and volunteers will be bringing the sides. First responders who are working are also welcome to stop by.

"Regulars have their own seats," McElwee said. "If they walk in that back door, their drink is ready before they even get to the bar. Because it's 'everybody knows your name.'"

And this Thanksgiving, they'll be very glad they came.
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