Pregnant woman pulled to safety after fall onto subway tracks in Brooklyn

Friday, July 22, 2016
Pregnant woman pulled up from subway tracks after fall
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Carolina Leid reports from Bensonhurst.

BENSONHURST, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A pregnant woman passed out on a subway platform and suddenly fell down onto the subway tracks.

"It was fight or flight, everyone ran to save her," said Ashlee Smith, Good Samaritan.

Smith says there wasn't even a split second of hesitation.

Instead, she and several other straphangers sprang into action.

"People just jumped down onto the tracks and started pulling her up. I called 911 the second I saw her fall," Smith said. "She had blood on her face she hit her head so hard I don't know how bad the wound was. She was very out of it she was very confused, but she was still responding to us she was talking."

No one realized the woman who felt dizzy and fell on the tracks was nine months pregnant.

It happened Thursday morning at the 71st Street Subway Station in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

A Manhattan-bound D train was within view and just seconds away from pulling into the station.

"Baby is fine. Fortunately yeah," said Jin Chen, the victim's brother-in-law.

Her brother-in-law Thursday night, said the soon-to-be mom is resting and just wants to thank those Good Samaritans for jumping on the tracks and pulling her to safety.

"There are great people in your city. When someone needs help these guys are right there. They didn't have a second thought, just right on the track," Chen said.

Family members say the woman twisted her ankle.

Her baby was not harmed. Both were checked out at a nearby hospital.

Smith says it was a powerful moment, and a reminder of the human spirit.

"I'm not a hero, I'm just another person who was willing to put their hand out to help someone off the tracks," Smith said. "All it takes is that one act of genuine kindness to make a difference and I think that it is time that we all work hard and remember moments like these are important."