Hispanic woman shot with BB gun in face in Middle Village, Queens

MIDDLE VILLAGE, Queens (WABC) -- Police in Queens are searching for suspects in a possible hate crime attack.

Officers say two men threw an object at a woman and hurled anti-Hispanic slurs.

The incident happened in her neighborhood just a few blocks from her home on 69th Street in Middle Village.

"If you look at me I'm shaking. And I go outside, you know I have to go to doctor and I'm just keep looking at the white cars and try to see the faces of the people if I can remember the faces," the victim said.

Police say two men drove past her, yelling anti-Hispanic slurs.

She was just walking two blocks to her gas station to buy cigarettes. She suddenly felt a small sting on the right side of her cheek and realized blood was running down from it. She didn't know what happened until she got home.

She told Eyewitness News, the men fired a BB gun at her face, and she needs to go back to the hospital to have that BB surgically removed. It is still lodged inside her cheek.

The victim says she spent eight hours in the hospital and there is a puncture and bruise wound on her right upper cheek.

Cops released video of the white vehicle the suspects fled in.

"What is the point of people doing this to another people? Why are they doing this? What is this supposed to fix something? That's all I can say. I'm really upset about what's going on, and what they're doing to Spanish people," the victim said.

Police are investigating this incident as a possible bias crime.

She says she knows this ugly incident, does not represent this city.

"New York is a really beautiful city. Beautiful. We can't change that for few people angry, upset, we have to keep going, and we have to keep going, and we have to be together," she said.
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