Cheaper options exist for taking the Peloton plunge

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Cheaper options exist for taking the Peloton plunge
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Nina Pineda has more on the low-cost Peloton alternative.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Are you thinking of taking the Peloton plunge, but can't commit to spending thousands?

Beth Bowers, a wife and mom of two who writes a blog called "," revealed how she discovered a low-cost Peloton alternative.

In the first step, she bought a bike - the Sunny Spin. It cost $240.

That's about a $2,228 savings from the cost/delivery/installation package of Peloton Bike.

She then downloaded the Peloton app to stream all the classes -- that cost is $12.99/month.

Her yearly savings: $312 -- the Peloton subscription costs about $40 per month.

Bowers streams the app on her iPad, which she displays on a flatscreen on a tablet.

To track her speed, she bought a Wahoo cadence and speed sensor -- at a cost of $70 -- to attach to her bike. The gadget lets her see calories/distance/output on the Wahoo app.

Her total cost for the Peloton alternative was $500.88, versus $2,868 for the Peloton.

Bowers believes her savings were $2,367.12!

The drawbacks in not actually connecting to the "Peloton Family " are that you don't get to compete with others on the Peloton Leaderboard, which shows how you rate compared to everyone taking the Peloton class with you. Classes are either live or streamed from hundreds of class choices.

You also don't get the interaction with the instructor, who can see how you're doing and shout out encouragement, which many Peloton devotees find to be very motivitating.

What Bowers likes is she gets to try all the classes without making the investment in the Peloton bike! She feels she has all the benefits of working out at home but at a fraction of the cost.



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