Best steals and deals for Black Friday

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The National Retail Federation is forecasting 115 million of us will be either online at stores or on line in cyberspace, snapping up the best Black Friday deals. But before you reach for that plastic, here's some of the best deals out there.

"We're talking buy tech now. High-end, low-end, mid-range, the prices are lower,"'s Janice Lieberman says smart shoppers zeroing in on smartphones will be surprised by the most competitive prices of the year.

"You're gonna find a discount in the prices, maybe a gift card. But Apple will not discount. They don't have to," Lieberman said.

The iPhone 8 costs between $700 and $800. But buy it at Walmart and you could snag a free $300 gift card. Target is giving away $250 gift card with the iPhone 8. But both require you sign up for service.

And don't expect any break on the iPhone X until next year. But the tip to snag a discount, is shop for refurbished and older models to save the most on anything Apple.

Make your move on laptops too. "Now is the time to do it," Lieberman said. "Dell will give you a gift card. Even Apple will drop your prices on a Mac Air."

If you've been waiting all year for a new TV for your man cave, Lieberman says go for it.

"We're gonna see 4K TVs for $140. For another 40-50 inch (television), we've never seen prices like this," she said.

Like a 50-inch Sharp Smart TV at Best Buy for $179. And the deepest discount on the bigger sets goes to this Westinghouse 55-inch television, sold at Target for $250.

"These deals are made specifically for Black Friday," Lieberman said.

But Lieberman says your Black Friday no-brainers are kitchenware and gadgets.

"Small appliances as low as $20; blenders, toasters, Nutri-bullets, coffee makers, they're great gifts," Lieberman said.

Lieberman reminds some items are not good bets during the shopping bonanza.

"We love Black Friday, but we don't love it for designer-wear," Lieberman said. "That's when you hold off."

Lieberman says luxury brand names, jewelry, perfume will advertise sales which will get much better later in the year and before Valentine's Day.

"Now's the time to hold off on buying toys," Lieberman said. "Wait till closer to Christmas. Legos, Star Wars, which is so popular, will drop closer to Christmas, not Black Friday."

Lieberman's best tip to make sure the shopping force is with you, do a little research.

"You can get carried away with Black Friday," Lieberman said. "The door-busters, the sales, you really need to do your research. And know what things cost early so you don't get swept away by all these sales."


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