Long Island designer creates wearable art to support "Black Lives Matter" movement

LEVITTOWN, New York -- What started as a small hobby of creating special designs for her sorority sisters to wear, Phoebe Eligon-Jones soon found herself to have a full-blown business where she could release her creative juices while making a statement with her products at Blupoetres Creations.

"We want people to be seen and not just heard for this movement," said Eligon-Jones. "Our wearable art is important so that when you are out protesting without even saying a word, people see you. We're being seen; Black people are finally being seen."

Since the death of George Floyd, Eligon-Jones was inspired to create "Black Lives Matter" designs for protestors to show exactly what they are feeling from a distance since the coronavirus pandemic has changed how protestors gather.

She wanted to create a diverse selection of designs that could express how she likes to show her pride in her work.

"What you wear should be an expression of how you feel of what you're thinking," said Eligon-Jones. "If you can't articulate it into words, let me put something on a shirt for you. Without opening your mouth people can see that you are proud that you stand for something."

In addition to running her business, Eligon-Jones is a full-time high school English teacher, currently pursuing her master's degree in fine arts and a mom of two.

She said that without the support of her family and friends she would not be where she is today.

"Anytime somebody wears something of mine and tags me and they are grateful, gets positive feedback that's why I started doing it," said, Eligon-Jones.


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