Man killed in police-involved shooting in the Bronx

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Sunday, June 19, 2016
Man killed in police-involved shooting in the Bronx
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Kemberly Richardson has more from Soundview.

SOUNDVIEW, Bronx (WABC) -- Police are investigating a deadly shooting involving their own officers. The officers fired more than thirty shots in the Bronx, killing a man who they say refused to put down his gun.

Early Sunday morning, police opened fire, and shot and killed 25-year-old Rashaun Lloyd in front of a building at the Soundview Houses.

Eyewitness Violet Levis heard what she said seemed like 'endless gunfire'.

"I jumped off my bed. Thought it was a whole situation. I felt like I was out there with them. It scared me," Levis said.

Police say Lloyd was holding a 9-millimeter handgun when they arrived. Several people had called 911, saying the man was firing a weapon. Investigators say they initially ordered Lloyd to drop the gun, and he refused.

"The suspect then starts to walk towards the officers, pointing his gun at them. Three officers fired a total of 31 shots, some of which struck the suspect," says NYPD officer Larry Nikunen.

Many in the area say the hail of bullets was excessive.

"They could have shot him in the arm or leg, somewhere where he could drop and still be alive. 31 shots is ridiculous," says the suspect's friend, Ivy Vasquetelles.

Lloyd has a four-year-old son. His cousin admits he was worried about Lloyd, who on Saturday went to Jacobi, the same hospital where he was pronounced dead today.

"He was smoking with somebody, and he came back and was not normal. I sent him t the hospital, and they checked his blood, and said there was nothing wrong with him. They sent them back here about an hour later, still acting funny," says the suspect's cousin Davel Lloyd.

On top of that, the suspect's mother, Arlene tells Eyewitness News that her son had been held at Rikers Island for two years on a robbery charge - something he insisted he didn't do. He was released, but his mother says he was never the same.

"My son was supposed to be on meds, and I don't know if he was taking them. I haven't seen him in a few months," she said.

Four officers were taken to Montefiore Hospital for observation.