Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams drops 30 pounds, no longer diabetic

NEW YORK (WABC) -- 30 pounds and counting! The Brooklyn borough president says he beat diabetes by changing his lifestyle.

In a Facebook Live, Eyewitness News Reporter Michelle Charlesworth gave us a sneak peek at how Eric Adams accomplished his goal.

Adams now steps while he answers emails on a $50 stepper and on a recycled music stand.

He makes his own flax seed chips, keeps a fridge full of fruit, kale and cauliflower and he's dropped 30 pounds and three pants sizes.

He says he's saved his own life. Back in April he had diabetes.

"I couldn't read the alarm clock! And my diabetes was so bad I had nerve damage and the sugar level was leading to amputation," Adams said.

The borough president looked good on the outside, but says he needed to take an internal selfie.

"Doctor told me, 'Eric your levels are so high you are at a coma level,'" Adams said. "He (doctor) wanted to get me on Insulin immediately and other medications, but I said, 'Give me a chance to reverse this and get in a no-sugar, plant-free diet,' and all that is gone and my energy level is great."

Borough President Adams also bakes his own bread.
"And I use my wok to cook vegetables and then these are all my spices," Adams said.

The spices go after inflammation which is what a lot of illness is, plus the spices give everything flavor.

He also takes a multivitamin and AMLA powder high on antioxidants.

"Sugar is the worst. The more you eat he more you need, it is like a drug, and now with the changes my energy level is amazing," Adams said.

He urges people to talk to a doctor and nutritionist.

"The body can heal itself. I had to give it hat opportunity, and I am so grateful to this doctors who told me that and they were right!" Adams said.
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