Backpack and book bag giveaway for students returning to school in Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE (WABC) -- Back to school means new teachers, new lessons and for some lucky kids in Brooklyn, new book bags.

And it's all thanks to a local company that makes sure sales support American students.

It's a first day of school pep rally at PS 156 in Brownsville, and the two guys leading the charge are called 'Pack Men'.

"It's special to be who you are and you have something to offer the world," they tell the kids.

They're on behalf of State Bags, a Brooklyn-based bag company started by Jacq and Scot Tatelman.

When they saw kids in their neighborhood carrying around their belongings in garbage bags, they came up with the idea for State Bags, and with every bag bought, they give a backpack to a child in need.

"We're serving kids living in the states, the United States and also with our bag drops and rallies the idea is to plant a seed to change the state of mind of the students we are working with," said Jacq.

"Our mission from the very beginning was to make sure we didn't just show up at schools or non profits and just hand out bags because that doesn't do anything for a child," Scot said.

Sure the kids are excited to get the bags, but this isn't just a giveaway. The motto, 'Give Back Pack', is meant to inspire even more giving.

"I think what I'm supposed to do now that I have a bookbag is be a leader, and give things to people who don't have," said one student.

"Whenever I see this backpack I can remember that people are very nice to give out, and be nice to other people who doesn't have," said another student.

Since the start of this new school year, State Bags has already given out more than 2,000 bags to kids throughout the country, and the goal is to continue giving out bags throughout the school year.

And with the help of Beyonce, these backpacks are also being filled with school supplies.

For more information, visit State Bags website:
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