French community in Brooklyn mourns victims of Paris attacks

CARROLL GARDENS, Brooklyn (WABC) -- French people living in the Tri-State area are honoring the victims of the attacks in Paris.

"It was very sad. Friday night when we heard the news we couldn't believe it, we were in shock," said Leslie Barnet, owner of a French bistro in Brooklyn.

Her bistro, in the heart of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, is grieving thousands of miles away from Paris.

"Everybody was mourning, all of our customers who came here, they supported us but we're mourning," said Barnet. "There was no happiness, no joy that day, and usually this is a fun place to be."

Her bistro is in the heart of where a march and vigil was held on Sunday in honor of those lost in the Paris attacks.

"It's great because we saw so many people who we weren't expecting who supported us and I have to say this is a great neighborhood and they really supported us," said Barnet. "It was like a deja vu because of 9/11.

But now that the enormity has set in, it is anger for some that comes along with the grief.

"We're all very sad and I am angry about the situation. Something has to stop and I repeat it all the time, something has to stop. Our power are not in our hands but in the hands of the government and they have to do something about it," said Barnet.

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