NYPD, Drive Change, organize food truck for Brooklyn residents without gas

BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn (WABC) -- NYPD officers are coming to the rescue Tuesday night for some folks who live in Brooklyn, who have not had gas to cook their food for more than a month.

Police have organized a food truck to prepare and deliver dinners for hundreds who live in a housing project in Brownsville.

They're the type of laughs and smiles we can sure use a lot more of these days.

In a time when our nation is at bitter odds over lives that matter, black lives, blue lives, all lives.

In Brownsville, you almost wouldn't know our country is embroiled in a heated debate.

What you're seeing here is what happens when people care, and it starts with Police Officer Jason Macaluso.

"I walk these streets every day. These are the people that I know and I work for," Officer Macaluso said.

He's talking about the hundreds of residents at the Howard Houses who haven't had gas for more than a month, unable to cook.

"I make the best grilled cheese you ever tasted trust me. I'm not making that up," Macaluso said.

So the NYPD brought in Roy Waterman, co-founder of Drive Change to provide free meals.

Many of these residents won't have gas back on until the New Year and it was that thought of not having that gas through the holidays that gave birth to this idea.

But Drive Change is so much more than a food truck.

It's a training program for young people returning home from jail and prison, teaching them new skills.

"We're playing our part in the movement. We can't do everything but what he can do is realize there's a power in a shared meal," Waterman said.

"It's not the best neighbors, but it's something for them to do once in a while," said Brandon Reyes, a resident.

Residents say what's in these boxes is much more than just a meal.

"It means honestly like care and love because honestly some people wouldn't have had something to eat today but they came here and got blessed," a resident said.

"When people are unhappy it is our business," said Susan Herman, Dep. Commissioner Collaborative Policing NYPD.
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