Shoe company hits the streets to make its deliveries by bike

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A local shoe company found an interesting way to quickly deliver their creations.

They're using Citi Bikes, and it's a move that truly fits their brand.

Natalie Kathleen and Reza Pazooki launched their shoe company last summer and quickly learned that spending too much time in the office wasn't in line with their brand.

"The Jibs shoe is a perforated leather shoe, we like to say it's a 'beach to city' shoe. It's based on a popular style in Brazil," said Natalie.

Their outdoorsy shoes beckoned them outside, so they're making deliveries on Citi Bikes.

"It seems like the easiest way to get around the city is by bike, it's fast and quick," said Reza.

Albeit maybe not the best allocation of resources.

"I probably should be the one delivering the shoes, being I'm the one running the company. But it just gives me so much joy," said Natalie.

Joy to be out in the elements and meeting their customers.

"It's a highlight. It's really nice to see the person you've been online with and communicating by email. It's a great way to connect with someone on a different level," said Reza.

Jibs for kids are $60 and they're $90 to $150 for adults. The name refers to the small sail that helps to steer a boat.

They're perfect for boating or biking. In fact Reza and Natalie met at a spin class, but with all this biking, they don't need to spin nowadays.

"I live in the West Village and I'll go all the way to the East Side, drop something off, go up the East River, stop at the Upper East Side, through the park, over to the Upper West Side and come back down through Chelsea," said Natalie.

Jibs will ship shoes anywhere in the country for $10 and it takes about three days to get them, but if you live in Manhattan, they'll deliver them for free.

"Right to your door the next day," said Natalie.

They hired an intern to help with the deliveries this summer, particularly on the very hot, humid days.

In this web extra, we follow Natalie Kathleen as she makes one of her deliveries of Jibs shoes via Citi Bike.
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In this web extra, we follow Natalie Kathleen as she makes a delivery of Jibs shoes via Citi Bike.

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