Man's affair with co-worker revealed after pub-goers live tweet office romp

The steamy public affair between two office workers has gone viral after pub-goers live-tweeted the encounter next door.

Two employees at Marsh Ltd. insurance company in Christchurch, New Zealand were photographed and filmed in the midst of a steamy love affair by many busy bar patrons at the Carlton Bar next door. Those images were later uploaded to Twitter and other social media outlets and quickly went viral.

According to, the man in question was a manager at the company and was married with children. The female coworker in question has since deleted her Facebook page.

"The whole pub knew about it and was watching, while (the couple) were totally oblivious to it," wrote bar patron Alex Wilton on Facebook. "And afterwards celebrating with wine. This either screams payrise (sic) or affair."

Employment lawyer Kathryn Dalziel told that the couple could not have a "reasonable expectation of privacy" when the encounter took place with windows unobscured, and with office lights on directly across the street from a bar.

The company is now evaluating the matter internally, and the employees in question could potentially lose their jobs. "It's not the behavior we condone, it's very disappointing," Marsh Ltd. chief executive Grant Milne told

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