Caught on camera: Massachusetts store owner fights off robber with 2 by 4

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A store owner fought back against a would-be robber.

A Massachusetts store owner was caught on camera fighting off a man who tried to rob him.

The would-be robber dressed like a ninja came in armed with an expandable metal baton and demanded cash.

But the clerk, who is a Syrian refugee, wasn't giving up his hard earned money.

Instead, he grabbed a two-by-four and fought back, eventually chasing the man out of the store.

The store owner, Ahmad Abdulrahman, says after surviving the Syria civil war he knows how important it is to be tough.

"Unfortunately some people are so weak, they think it's so easy to walk in and take your money, but not me," said Abdulrahman. "You have to be tough to survive, you have to act tough, and thanks to God, I'm doing well, I open my store, I close it, I do like 17 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks God."

So far there have been no arrests.
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