Petunia the rescue duck can't stop quacking for joy when her owner comes home

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- When Chantel Grant comes home from work, her adorable pet duck can't contain her excitement.

Petunia, a 1-year-old rescue duck, flapped her wings and quacked for joy in video Grant shot when she came home from work recently.

"When we get home from work, Petunia is there to greet us," Grant explained. "She is so excited any time I come home."

Petunia is an indoor duck who has her own bedroom, and Grant said Petunia even wears diapers.

"It is always funny to hear reactions when I tell them that we have a pet indoor duck who wears diapers, but to us, she's just part of the family and we cannot imagine life without her," Grant said.
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