Seeing New York City from the sky

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Thursday, October 1, 2015
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Sandy Kenyon has the details

CHELSEA (WABC) -- Perhaps no city in the world is photographed more often by more people than our city, but a gallery in Chelsea has found a fresh way to look at New York, from "Up in the Air, Dawn to Dusk" featuring the work of French photographer Antoine Rose.

It takes a lot of guts to capture the glory of our city from his unique perspective.

"So, I'm scared when I'm looking down from 6000, 5000 feet. It can be quite kind of scary. It can be really windy and very cold up there," Antoine Rose said.

His dedication has paid off and the results can be seen this month at Chelsea's Emmanuel Fremin gallery where even the most jaded New Yorkers will be surprised by what the Frenchman has found.

Each photo bears the signature of one man but it's really a joint effort - a collaboration between the photographer and his pilot.

His best work requires near perfect weather and equipment that costs as much as a new luxury car to capture sharp images from a moving platform.

"It's a lot of trials and errors that may be very costly," Rose said.

But the specifics are quickly forgotten when you are faced by such beautiful abstractions the city sculpted in light.

"When you see the picture, you find the vibrancy everywhere," he said.