Chicago business offers charcuterie board for dogs across country

ByNatalie Heller via Localish logo
Friday, May 21, 2021
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Chicagoan Heather Raeder creates charcuterie boards with tasty treats for dogs.

CHICAGO -- It all started when Heather Raeder saw an article while scrolling through social media that said humans are now making charcuterie boards for their dogs, so she decided to make some of her own.

By day, she is a hospital pharmacist, but at night she creates custom barkuterie boards that are made to order.

"I do homemake a lot of the treats. A lot of the homemade biscuits, I'll bake and decorate them. We also make some homemade sweet potato chews. Some of our other items are purchased, and then we arrange them nicely on the board doing a nice variety of treats and get that ready to ship out," Raeder said.

Once the treats are made, each board takes anywhere from half hour to an hour to assemble. Raeder wants to make sure that every box is made with love. She also likes to include some personalization to the boards, including handwriting your dogs name on little bones and including a customized card. Raeder even takes a dog's allergies or special diets into consideration when creating the board.

Raeder does not have a business background but said that it has been a great opportunity for her to learn and try something new. She is currently shipping her boards all across the U.S. and hopes to expand internationally.

To order a barkuterie board for your canine companions, head to Raeder's website at