3-year-old dies after falling out window in Harlem

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Monday, July 4, 2016
3-year-old dies after falling out window in Harlem
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Darla Miles has more from Harlem.

HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) -- Police are investigating the death of a 3-year-old boy who fell 13 stories from a window in Harlem.

The incident happened just before 7:30 Sunday evening at the Harlem River Houses on Frederick Douglas Boulevard. Witnesses say Latyr Sene fell on an air conditioning unit on the way down.

Many neighbors were outside at the time celebrating 4th of July weekend.

Witnesses say that there was a firefighter right across the street testing a hydrant, and he was first on the scene. Sadly, after falling 13 stories, there was not much the firefighter could do.

Just below the window at the scene was a window guard that fell with the child.

The child was taken to Harlem Hospital in traumatic arrest, but later died.

Neighbors say the boy has a 3-year-old twin brother.