Citymeals on Wheels provides Thanksgiving dinner to thousands of elderly New Yorkers

MOUNT HOPE, Bronx (WABC) -- For many, Thanksgiving is about traveling to visit family, but for some, leaving home is not an option.

One family wants to make sure people who can't get out can still get a hot meal this holiday.

The Bartfeld family delivered a lifeline, a Thanksgiving meal for Keith Williams, whose appreciation was plain to see.

Dan, Beverly, Bella and Jonathan are just four of the 620 volunteers who fanned out across the five boroughs on Thanksgiving as part of Citymeals on Wheels.

It's a scene that plays out thousands of times every day.

Citymeals delivers over 2 million meals a year to homebound, elderly New Yorkers.

Funding from the city only covers meals on weekdays, meaning recipients would be left high and dry on holidays and weekends.

Fundraising covers the rest so that 18,000 needy New Yorkers can be served.

200 recipients are over the age of 100. The average age is 83, just like Mr. Williams who said he is thankful.

It is health and strength provided one meal at a time.
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