Catch up on NYC's top local Twitter conversations

On National Pizza Day, seven NYPD officers took the deep dish plunge -- and gave their counterparts in Chicago a slice of their mind.

The video from @NYPDnews was a hit on social media -- turn it up so you don't miss the officers' commentary. It became one of the most-liked and -shared among New York City's Twitter users, with over 4,200 local retweets, favorites, quotes and replies as of this writing. But tweets from people in the city -- over 3.6 million posted between Feb. 7 and Feb. 13 -- ran the gamut from birthday wishes to transit delays to a lifesaving incident on the BQE.

It can be hard to make sense of the sometimes chaotic stream of information on Twitter, so Hoodline analyzed data from Twitter users across the five boroughs to identify which local events, issues and curiosities got people most interested in the past week.

The city came together in person and on social media to mourn the death of a detective killed during a robbery investigation:

This from the United Nations drew over 350 interactions from New York City's Twitter users:

What else captured your attention on Twitter?

More than 1,000 New Yorkers on Twitter amplified this video of an NYPD officer credited with saving a driver's life:

The New-York Historical Society wished a happy birthday to Abraham Lincoln -- 210 years old and counting:

And Feb. 8 saw some travel headaches for commuters on several subway lines. For anyone considering riding a subway car's roof, just don't.