Wedding venue's closure in Jersey City for repairs sends brides scrambling

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey (WABC) -- Brides are panicking after their wedding venue in Jersey City was suddenly shut down and forced to undergo emergency repairs.

"I think my dad at every venue had a million questions. Battello was the only place he completely didn't say a word so I was like, ok this is the place," said Susan Small, bride-to-be.

Anyone who's planned a wedding knows how big of a deal it is to find the venue and have the parents sign off on it.

In February, Small from Edgewater found her dream place, to say "I do."

"We got engaged looking at the New York skyline. And Battello has an amazing view," Small said.

Or at least she thought she found the perfect space.

Friday, she found out Battello is shutting down from September to April, due to repair work to the pier which the restaurant sits on.

"I cried. Which I don't normally do, but I was just overwhelmed," Small said.

But here's the thing, Battello doesn't own this site.

The restaurant leases this space from their landlord.

Their landlord tells Eyewitness News this repair work wasn't their idea.

In a statement they say, "The Newport Marina and Marina Pier are owned by Newport Associates Development Company. The Marina Operator as well as the Marina Retail Tenants were made aware of the repairs and their impact on public access many months ago."

Battello says they informed their customers as soon as it found out.

The restaurant owner, Cory Checket said in a statement, "I am devastated by the news, especially for how it affects all of our clients who had chosen us for their special occasion. Our landlord has made all representations that they plan to do right by Battello ensuring our reopening this upcoming spring."

50 events are now canceled at Battello's from corporate events to weddings.

"You have family coming in, you've sent out invitations. You have all these vendors to deal with," Small said.

As for this bride-to-be, she says the restaurant has been great at helping her find another venue.

In fact, her wedding is slated for two months after the end of expected construction, but she didn't want to take the chance, so she moving on, back to square one.

"This should be not a stressful time. I want to enjoy it. So I think even if I kept my date I would still always be worried in the back of mind like, 'Oh my gosh, what if this doesn't happen?'" Small said.
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