Even during a pandemic, Santiago's parents made his birthday one to remember

CHICAGO -- COVID-19 prevented Halle and Daniel Quezada from giving their son, Santiago, the birthday party he dreamed of. So they came up with something better -- a firefighter obstacle course.

"My oldest was born with a heart condition so we've always over-compensated for his birth with really elaborate birthday parties," Halle said. "We had all of these promises that he was going to have an exciting birthday party with all of his friends then COVID-19 happened."

Daniel Quezada was a firefighter in Mexico, who also used to participate in firefighter competitions. He used that experience to build Santiago, and his older brother Emilio, the ultimate simulation course.

"I said 'we can do something about your birthday' and I'll build you some obstacles and everything," Daniel said.

After jumping into their newly decked-out fire truck, the boys crawled, climbed and axed their way through to the course. The prize? An Amazon Fire Tablet.

"We like puns," Halle joked.

The boys' grandma also joined in on the fun, tuning in via Facetime.

It may not have been Santiago's dream birthday celebration, but it turned out to be more than he could've ever imagined.