Coronavirus Update: Ridership on NYC subways, mass transit declines

NEW YORK (WABC) -- More people are riding bicycles, while fewer are taking the New York City subway amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

The MTA has intensified sanitation, but many riders have still abandoned crowded mass transit to protect themselves.

Ridership on New York City subways has dropped more than 18% compared to this time last year, according to the MTA, while the city's buses are carrying 15% fewer passengers compared to last year.

MetroNorth ridership has declined nearly 50%, and The Long Island Rail Road is down 31%.

Traffic on bridges and tunnels is also down nearly 7%.

The coronavirus appears to be having the opposite effect on bike ridership, and according to the Department of Transportation, Citi Bike rides are up over the four East River Bridges.

At one point this week, ridership was up more than 50%.

New Jersey Transit also reports about a 20% reduction in ridership this week on both bus and rail, according to a preliminary data review.

An estimated 823,097 daily bus and rail riders now, which is down approximately 164,000 commuters.

Customers who bought an NJ Transit monthly pass may be eligible for refunds

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