Twitter users step in to help woman whose items were not selling at craft fair

MANCHESTER, England -- Just call Martyn Hett the unofficial son of the year.

Hett's mother, Figen Murray of Manchester, recently set up a table full of items she made by hand at a craft fair on November 26. When she told her son that she wasn't selling anything at the event, Hett took to Twitter to share the photo that his mother sent him from the fair.

"My mum has set up her own stall at a craft fair and has messaged me to say she hasn't sold anything yet and my heart is breaking," Hett tweeted.

And with just one tweet, Murray received a boost in business. It started with Murray's first sale by Twitter user @LiamLambrini. He bought a knitted glove that she made into a monster.

"Yay! My first ever sale," Murray messaged her son.

And from there, the sales kept coming from people on Twitter and Murray and her crafts became social media famous.

"Omg guys please continue to buy things, THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY," Hett wrote on Twitter.

To keep up with the high demand of requests due to her viral fame, Murray had to purchase more knitting materials.

Murray's crafts are being sold on the website Depop, and by the looks of it, most of her products, if not all, are sold out.
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