Daughter searching for leads in father's decade-old murder in Mamaroneck

MAMARONECK, New York (WABC) -- There is a murder mystery in Westchester County.

A young woman, who was just 12 when her father was killed, is continuing her fight for justice.

Despite a hefty reward offer, and several solid leads, police in Mamaroneck have yet to solve the murder of Stephen Spina.

The postal worker was found stabbed and killed in his apartment.

"This week has been really hard," Skyler said.

For Skyler, the memories come flooding back, thoughts of happier times with her father Stephen who was killed 10 years ago this Sunday.

"He was a great dad, he taught me a lot of stuff," Skyler said. "He coached me in softball, he was great all around."

Stephen was stabbed to death in his apartment in Mamaroneck. There was no forced entry, meaning he knew and let in his killer.

Investigators have been stymied by a lack of physical evidence.

Despite many tips, the murder has gone unsolved for a decade.

"There was a truck set up across the street here looking in the woods, dumpsters," said John McGuire, a neighbor.

Stephen grew up in Mamaroneck, and worked as a letter carrier in neighboring Larchmont.

He was well-known and well-liked in the community, where he also umpired Little League games.

But a month before his death, the tires on Stephen's car were slashed, and that raised concern back then to his coworkers.

"I asked, 'Is someone out to get you?' He kind of poo-pooed it, so I don't know," said Jim Buckley, former coworker back in 2007.

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Skyler has a note from her father tattooed on her wrist, the artist duplicating Stephen's handwriting.

On the other wrist is his initials and softball number.

The now 22-year old is in school, and has moved away from Mamaroneck, in part because the killer is still loose.

Someone who she has no doubt will be found.

"It's been 10 years, we can go 10 more. We'll found out who you are eventually," Skyler said.
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